February 17, 2016

What We Do

All work performed is in accordance with ANSI Z136 (series), IEC/EN60825 (series), IEC/EN60601 (selected), IEC/EN62471, and US federal law- 21CFR1040.10/.11


Research is how we started. Should you require research to be conducted to prove or substantiate a theory or determine marketplace acceptance- we can help. The following services are offered under research:

  • Theoretical-based research (study-related)
  • Experiment-based research (laboratory-related)
  • Competition, market research (business-related)

We excel at applying Photonics technologies to solve problems. From the processing of nuclear fuel to measuring neuron activity, we are the leading consultancy and contract engineering firm with broad experience.

If you want to integrate Photonics, talk with us at the discussion stage and we will prevent costly changes as you progress through product or process development.

The beginning of a project is the right time to involve The Photonics Group. We ensure safe engineering practices are applied to reduce re-engineering costs and reduce risk of injury and resulting legal action once your project becomes a product and saleable. Additionally, we can:

  • Work with your insurance agency to reduce your premiums while increasing safety
  • Develop safe work practices while working with and developing Photonics-based technologies

We are sought after experts when Photonics-related accidents occur
such as:

  • Instantaneous exposure and related damage (eye and skin)
  • Degenerative and long-term exposure and related damage (Glaucoma, cataracts, melanomas, etc..)
  • Non-beam related issues (high-voltage, implosion/explosion, etc..)
  • Occupational issues (eye stress, worker exposure, unsafe work practices, etc..)
  • Product liability issues (inadequate design, improper use, Failure Mode Analysis (FMA), etc..)

We offer legal assistance by providing the following services to the
legal and insurance marketplaces:

  • Consult-to-Counsel
  • Expert Witness
  • Expert Analysis
  • Scenario Modeling

We have been custom trainers for our clients since 1980 and have trained thousands of attendees in basic Photonics technology to safety and compliance. All our programs:

  • Incorporate ANSI Z136 (series), IEC/EN60825 (series), IEC/EN60601 (selected), IEC/EN62471, and US federal law- 21CFR1040.10/.11
  • Encompass the entire field of Photonics- not just lasers
  • Offer both online and in-person/physical formats

Our management series offers instruction on Photonics-based loss prevention and risk management- the only of its type in the industry.

If you are a start-up “putting an LED in a box” or a known Fortune 100 laser manufacturer, we can be your Photonics expert by providing you:

  • Audits (walkthrough and comprehensive)
  • Documentation management (filing product reports and annual filings)
  • Policy and procedures (corporate specifications and SOPs)

We offer out-sourced LSO packaged services to ensure you are kept current with the latest technological and regulatory changes.


The Proof-Of-Concept or Alpha phase is first in the product development process and involves building the first prototype to test a theory. This confirms the viability of an idea or validates the technology chosen for a product application. The key concerns usually involve:

  • Distill the product concept to an experiment (we can literally start from a “napkin sketch”)
  • Retaining the existing or anticipated intellectual property
  • Ensuring that the product being developed will meet the revenue goals

This phase of product development begins with an existing proof-of-concept (Alpha) prototype that demonstrates consistent and reliable performance:

  • If TPG had produced the Alpha prototype, the specifications and design directions are readily available from data generated during the Alpha phase
  • The application of our project management system provides a consistent project flow in successive phases of development
  • We revise the performance and physical specifications throughout the development process so that at project completion, the formal specifications reflect the final, as-delivered prototype.

The pre-production or gamma phase is the final step in the product development process. At this point, a hardened prototype unit exists that successfully meets all test and evaluation criteria delineated in the performance and physical specifications. The focus at this level of development is to ready the prototype for production:

  • Confirm the units’ manufacturability
  • Determine which parts can and should be purchased Commercially-Off-The-Shelf (also known as COTS ) and which parts must be Made-To-Order (MTO)
  • Actively involve users, customers, and marketing representatives to significantly reduce pre-production development costs

Our pilot production services help reduce the risk involved with Photonics-based product manufacturing and take off where Pre-Production efforts end.

Pilot Production (aka LRP) helps eliminate the “golden prototype” nightmare scenario by creating manufacturable products understanding (and eliminating) the interference between product specifications and manufacturing tolerances.

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