Since 1980, we've been managing Photons- how can we help you?

If you are developing a product or process which contains a LASER or LED, you need an expert who can ensure your design is compliant to US federal regulations (21CFR1040) and International Standards (EN60825 and EN62471)

100% Focus

The 3 segments of our business comprise the whole of our focus
Our support services are focussed on the needs of our clients
  • Compliance- 40%

    You need experts who will ensure your work is compliant- we keep current of US regulations and International standards so you don't have to.

  • Administration- 30%

    You need experts who can set up the various elements of creating Photonics technology- we create effective solutions to save you money and reduce your risks.

  • Integration- 30%

    You need experts in the integration of Photonics-based technology- we blend off-the-shelf components and advances in the field to create efficient solutions.

Have a new laser diode concept? Need to integrate a CO2 laser into a wire stripping machine while being compliant to 21CFR1040? Need to ensure your workplace is compliant to ANSI Z136? We can assist.

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