Since 1980, we've been managing Photons- how can we help you?

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100% Focus

The 3 segments of our business comprise the whole of our focus
Our support services are focussed on the needs of our clients
  • Development and Integration- 30%

    We operate at the leading edge of Photonics innovation, and help you integrate the latest technologies and develop your product.

  • Compliance and Test- 40%

    We have been involved with US and international compliance since our beginning, and can ensure your Photonics-based product meets or exceeds relevant standards and regulations.

  • Administration- 30%

    We provide a full range of administrative services from a single document review to outsourced LSO support and customized online training- saving you money and reducing risk.

Our programs can be tailor-made to support your Photonics-based efforts providing better performance at a lower cost.

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