I am integrating a Class IV/4 laser into a machine tool- what is necessary?

Perform a GAP analysis and execute the plan in order to for the product/process to become compliant and safe. Once the compliance and risk engineering is completed and the documentation reflects current status of the product/process, a product report needs to be filed with the FDA/CDRH- preferably before introduction into commerce.

What type of interlock device should I use and where?

Specific type, application, and function are up to product designers, as long as it meets the regulations and standards. Non-defeatable (those interlocks designed not to be defeated) are typically used where there is a large and frequent potential for exposure such aas operator panels and doors. Defeatable interlocks (those that are designed to be defeated)[…]

What is a defeatable interlock device?

A defeatable interlock device is one which is designed, by the manufacturer, to be defeated. Examples of defeat elements can include a “pull to activate” feature, an “interrupt key”, or a coded magnet (in the case of proximity-type magnetically activated interlock switches). Jamming a foreign object, taping, clamping an interlock may “defeat” its operation, but[…]

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