February 17, 2016


All consulting and training/lecturing work is performed in accordance with ANSI Z136 (series), IEC/EN60825 (series), IEC/EN60601 (selected), IEC/EN62471, and US federal law- 21CFR1040.10/.11. This will ensure services provided are consistent with both consensus standards and applicable regulations.

Research is how we started. Should you require research to be conducted to prove or substantiate a theory or determine marketplace acceptance- we can help. The following services are offered under research:

•    Theoretical-based research (study-related)
•    Experiment-based research (laboratory-related)
•    Competition, Market research (business-related)

The beginning of a project is the right time to involve The Photonics Group. We ensure safe engineering practices are applied to reduce re-engineering costs and reduce risk of injury and resulting legal action once your project becomes a product and saleable. Additionally, we can:

•    Work with your insurance agency to reduce your premiums while increasing safety
•    Develop safe work practices while working with and developing Photonics-based technologies

We are sought after experts when Photonics-related accidents occur such as:

•    Instantaneous exposure and related damage (eye and skin)
•    Degenerative and long-term exposure and related damage (Glaucoma, cataracts, melanomas, etc..)
•    Non-beam related issues (high-voltage, implosion/explosion, etc..)
•    Occupational issues (eye stress, worker exposure, unsafe work practices, etc..)
•    Product liability issues (inadequate design, improper use, Failure Mode Analysis (FMA), etc..)

We offer legal assistance by providing the following services to the legal and insurance marketplaces:
•    Consult-to-Counsel
•    Expert Witness
•    Expert Analysis
•    Scenario Modeling


From basic science related to light, to the training of PSOs (Photonics Safety Officers), we have been custom trainers for our clients since 1980 and have trained thousands of people. All our programs encompass the entire field of Photonics- not just lasers and fiberoptics, but light sources, UV curing systems, and other light-related technologies. In our management series for example, we offer instruction on loss prevention and risk management topics that other laser safety courses and instructors do not have.

If you require specific, “no-time-wasted-in-training” services in Photonics Safety, let us know. We can develop a custom program that discusses just what is necessary for your workplace and train your people for typically less than what it would take to send your people out for training. The more people you have us train, the more cost-effective the training.

We are now offering a basic Photonics Safety course that can be taken by up to five (5) participants at one time. This service drastically reduces costs and time, while ensuring compliance to international, federal and state regulations.

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(it’s the philosophy we impart to attendees at each training session we provide).

To get started in training you and your staff in reducing Photonics-related risks, click the following link to download our training program one-sheet:

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